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Back stationary

Organic random business cards

Suminagashi technique

Original print

Original print

Offset printing with black color

Almighty is a company specializing in interior design and home staging that needed a flexible and contemporary approach to its identity while still maintaining its classic traditions. We focused on the idea of decoration, and after some research we found an analogy between books' covers and wallpaper. We set about creating a pattern of organic shapes using the Japanese technique of Suminagashi marbling. Helped by a connoisseur of this old technique, we experimented with oil, ink and water and ended up with a beautiful random series of signs; similar overall but each one very unique. In post production, we then contrasted the original print material to allow it to be reproduced by an offset machine. The choice of the typeface "Gravur" (designed by Cornel Windlin), gives a technical and industrial feel, contrasting the free form of the Suminagashi technique.

Project: Identity
Client: Almighty
Where: Geneva - Switzerland
Art direction design: Demian Conrad
Photo website: Yvain Genevay